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Tryout Fee

$45 - all levels

1 tryout per level

Having Trouble Registering?

Contact the FMC Ice Sports Customer Care Center at 888-74-SKATE (Monday and Tuesday 8am -6pm, Wed-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm and Sunday 9am-2pm or at for assistance.

Preferred browsers for online registration are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, and is not compatible with all tablets.

2024 Divisions are based on birth year

  • U10: Open to players from the '14 birth year and younger
  • U12: Open to players from the '13 and '12 birth year (born after December 31, 2011)
  • U14: Open to players from the '11 and '10  birth years (born after December 31, 2009)
  • VARSITY: Open to players who are entering 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades for the 2024-25 school year
  • GIRLS U15: Open to players from the '09, '10 and '11 birth years (born after December 31, 2008)
  • GIRLS U20 Open to players from the '04, '05, '06, '07 and '08 birth years (born after December 31, 2003)

2024 NEFS Tryout Schedule

Norfolk County Hawks

Veteran's Arena, Franklin, MA
Directions »

Boys 10U 3/28 6:00pm
Boys 12U 3/28 7:00pm
Boys 14U 3/28 8:00pm
Boys Varsity 3/28 9:00pm

South Shore Sabercats

Armstrong Arena, Plymouth, MA
Directions »

Boys 10U 3/27 5:30pm
Boys 12U 3/27 6:30pm
Boys 14U 3/27 7:30pm
Boys Varsity 3/27 8:30pm

Walpole Hurricanes

Rodman Arena, Walpole, MA
Directions »

Boys 10U 4/23 5:00pm
Boys 12U 4/23 6:00pm
Boys 14U 4/23 7:00pm
Boys Varsity 4/24 8:00pm
Girls U15 4/24 6:00pm
Girls U20 4/24 7:00pm

South Middlesex Coyotes

Burlington Ice Palace, Burlington, MA
Directions »

Boys 10U 4/9 6:10pm
Boys 12U 4/9 7:10pm
Boys 14U 4/11 6:10pm
Boys Varsity 4/11 7:10pm

North Shore Stingrays

Cronin Skating Rink, Revere, MA
Directions »

Boys 10U 3/26 5:30pm
Boys 12U 3/26 6:30pm
Boys 14U 4/2 7:30pm
Boys Varsity 4/2 8:30pm
Girls U15 3/26 7:30pm
Girls U20 3/26 8:30pm

Natick Chill

William Chase Arena Natick, MA
Directions »

Boys 10U 4/10 5:40pm
Boys 12U 4/10 6:40pm
Boys 14U 4/11 6:10pm
Boys Varsity 4/10 7:40pm
Boys Varsity 4/10 8:40pm
Girls U15 4/11 7:10pm
Girls U20 4/11 8:10pm

Raynham Raiders

Raynham IcePlex, Raynham, MA
Directions »

Boys 10U 4/4 5:00pm
Boys 12U 4/4 6:00pm
Boys 14U 4/4 7:00pm
Boys Varsity 4/4 8:00pm
Girls U15 4/9 6:00pm
Girls U20 4/9 7:00pm

Boston Brahmas

Jim Roche Arena, W. Roxbury, MA
Directions »

Boys 10U 3/28 5:30pm
Boys 12U 3/28 6:30pm
Boys 14U 4/8 7:00pm
Boys Varsity 4/8 8:00pm
Girls U15 3/26 7:30pm
Girls U20 3/26 8:30pm

Rockland Renegades

Rockland Ice Rink, Rockland, MA
Directions »

Boys 10U 4/24 5:50pm
Boys 12U 4/24 6:50pm
Boys 14U 4/24 7:50pm
Boys Varsity 4/24 8:50pm

Southeastern Grizzlies

Alexio Arena   Taunton, MA

Boys Varsity 4/3 8:00pm
Girls U15 4/3 6:00pm
Girls U20 4/3 7:00pm