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Tryout Information

Tryouts for the 2018 season begin in February for most 10U, 12U 14U, and Girls 14U teams with Varsity, and Girls 16/19 tryouts scheduled for March. Dates and times will vary by location and team.

The tryout fee for 10U, 12U, 14U, and Girls 14U is $40 ( 2 tryouts )

The tryout fee for Girls U16/19 and Varsity is $30 (1 tryout )

For levels with 2 Tryouts, players must attend at least 1 of the tryouts, it is encouraged that players make both tryout dates

2018 Age Divisions

10U: 2008 & under birth years; born after 12/31/2007

12U: 2006 & 2007 birth years; born after 12/31/2005

14U: 2004 & 2005 birth years; born after 12/31/2003

VARSITY: '00 - '03 birth years; born after 12/31/1999

GIRLS U14: 2004 & under birth years; born after 12/31/2003

GIRLS U16/19: '99 - '02 birth years; born after 12/31/1998


Having trouble registering? Contact the FMC Ice Sports Customer Care Center at 888-74-SKATE (Monday and Tuesday 8am -6pm, Wed-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm and Sunday 9am-2pm or at for assistance 

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Norfolk County Hawks

2018 Tryout Dates
Veteran's Arena, Franklin
10U Thu 3/1 6:30PM
10U Mon 3/12 5:30PM
12U Thu  3/1 7:30PM
12U Mon  3/12 6:30PM
14U Thu 3/1 8:30PM
14U Mon 3/12 7:30PM
Varsity Tue 3/20


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South Shore Sabercats

2018 Tryout Dates
Armstrong Arena, Plymouth
10U Tue 2/13 5:30PM
10U Tue 3/6 6:30PM
12U Tue 2/13 6:30PM
12U Tue 3/6 7:30PM
14U Tue 2/13 8:30PM
14U Tue 3/6 8:30PM
Girls U14 Tue 2/13 7:30PM
Girls U14 Thu 3/22 6:30PM
GirlsU 16/19 Thu 3/22 7:30PM
Varsity Thu 3/22 8:30PM
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Canton Crusaders

                                        2018 Tryout Dates
                                        Canton Ice House
10U Fri 3/9


10U Fri 3/16 6:00PM
12U Fri 3/9 6:00PM
12U Fri  3/16 7:00PM
14U Fri 3/9 8:00PM
14U Fri 3/23 6:00PM
Varsity Fri 3/23


Girls U14 Fri 3/9 7:00PM
Girls U14 Fri 3/16 8:00PM
Girls 16/19 Fri 3/23 7:00PM
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Central Mass Cobras

2018 Tryout Dates
Buffone Arena, Worcester
10U Thu 3/1 6:00PM
10U Wed 3/14 7:00PM
12U Thu 3/1 7:00PM
12U Wed 3/14 8:00PM
14U Thu 3/1 8:00PM
14U Wed 3/14 9:00PM
Varsity Tue 3/20 5:30PM
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Marlboro Thunder

2018 Tryout Dates
Navin Arena, Marlboro
10U Mon 2/26 5:00PM
10U Tue 4/10 6:30PM
12U Mon 2/26 6:00PM
12U Tue  4/10 7:30PM
14U Mon 2/26 8:00PM
14U Tue 4/10 8:30PM
Girls U14 Mon  2/26 7:00PM
Girls U14 Thu 3/22 6:00PM
Girls U16/19 Thu 3/22 7:00PM
Varsity Thu 3/22 8:00PM
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South Middlesex Coyotes

2018 Tryout Dates
Burlington Ice Palace
10U Wed 2/28 6:10PM
10U Thu 3/8 7:10PM
12U Wed 2/28 7:10PM
12U Thu 3/8 8:10PM
14U Wed 2/28 8:10PM
14U Thu 3/8 9:10PM
Varsity Mon 3/19 7:10PM
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North Shore Stingrays

2018 Tryout Dates

Cronin Skating Rink, Revere
10U Tue 2/27 5:30PM
10U Mon 3/5 6:30PM
12U Tue 2/27 6:30PM
12U Mon 3/5 7:30PM
14U Tue 2/27 8:30PM
14U Mon 3/5 8:30PM
Varsity Wed 4/11 8:00PM
Girls U14 Tue 2/27 7:30PM
Girls U14 Wed 4/11 6:00PM
Girls U16/19 Wed 4/11 7:00PM
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Natick Chill

2018 Tryout Dates
Chase Arena, Natick
10U Wed 2/28 6:40PM
10U Thu 3/29 5:10PM
12U Wed 2/28 7:40PM
12U Wed 3/14 6:40PM
14U Wed 3/14 8:40PM
14U  Tue 3/20 6:30PM
Varsity Thu 3/29 8:10PM
Girls U14 Wed 3/14 7:40PM
Girls U14 Thu 3/29 6:10PM
Girls U16/19 Thu 3/29 7:10PM
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Raynham Raiders

2018 Tryout Dates
Raynham IcePlex
10U Thu 2/15 5:30PM
10U Mon 3/5 5:00PM
12U Thu 2/15 6:30PM
12U Mon 3/5 6:00PM
14U Thu 2/15 8:30PM
14U Mon 3/5 7:00PM
Varsity Wed 3/28 7:00PM
Girls U14 Thu 2/15 7:30PM
Girls U14 Wed 3/28 5:00PM
Girls U16/19 Wed 3/28 6:00PM
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Boston Brahmas

2018 Tryout Dates
Jim Roche Arena, W. Roxbury
10U Tue 2/27 5:30PM
10U Thu 3/15 6:00PM


2/27 7:00PM
12U Thu 3/15 7:00PM
14U Tue 2/27 9:00PM
14U Thu 3/15 8:00PM
Varsity Tue   4/10 9:00PM
Girls U14 Tue 2/27 8:00PM
Girls U14 Tue 4/10 7:00PM
Girls U16/19 Tue 4/10 8:00PM
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Blackstone Valley Barons

2018 Tryout Dates
Blackstone Valley IcePlex, Hopedale
10U Wed 2/28 5:30PM
10U Wed 3/14 6:30PM
12U Wed 2/28 6:30PM
12U Wed 3/14 7:30PM
14U Wed 2/28 8:30PM
14U Wed 3/14 8:30PM
Varsity Tue 4/3 8:00PM
Girls U14 Wed 2/28 7:30PM
Girls U14 Tue 4/3 6:00PM
Girls U16/19 Tue 4/3 7:00PM
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Essex County Eels

2018 Tryout Dates
Ray Bourque Arena, Beverly
10U Mon 4/2 5:00PM
10U Mon 4/9 5:00PM
12U Mon 4/2 6:00PM
12U Mon 4/9 6:00PM
14U Mon 4/2 7:00PM
14U Mon 4/9 7:00PM
Varsity Thu  3/29 8:00PM
Girls U14 Tue 3/13 7:00PM
Girls U14 Thu 3/29 6:00PM
Girls U16/19 Thu 3/29 7:00PM
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Rockland Renegades

                                          2018 Tryout Dates
                                          Rockland Ice Rink
10U Tue 4/3 5:40PM
10U Thu 4/5 5:20PM
12U Mon  4/2 6:40PM
12U Tue  4/3 8:40PM
14U Mon 4/2 7:40PM
14U Wed 4/4 7:55PM
Varsity Thur 4/5


Girls U14 Wed 4/4 6:55PM
Girls U14 Thur 4/5 6:20PM
Girls 16/19 Thur 4/5 7:20PM
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Southeastern Grizzlies


2018 Tryout Dates
Alexio Arena, Taunton
Girls U14 Wed 3/7 6:30PM
Girls U14 Tue 3/20 6:30PM
Girls 16/19 Tue 3/20 7:30PM
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Haverhill Hurricanes

              2018 Tryout Dates
          Valley Forum, Haverhill
10U Mon  4/2 5:40PM
10U Tue  4/3 5:40PM
12U  Mon 4/2 6:45PM
12U  Tue 4/3 6:40PM
14U Mon  4/2 7:50PM
14U Thur  4/5 5:50PM
Varsity Wed  4/4


Girls U14 Wed 4/4 5:40PM
Girls U14 Thu 4/5 6:55PM
Girls 16/19 Wed 4/4 6:45PM
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